Circle Pendant Message Necklace - 0.65" NOT MY FAULT

Circle Pendant Message Necklace - 0.65" NOT MY FAULT

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Each conspire2inspire sterling silver circle pendant is hand-stamped and hangs from a silver-plated chain. Most are one-of-a-kind pieces, so you'll want to order your favourite now!  These bold, inspiring, and uninhibited messages come with specific chain measurements. Here's a full list of the 0.65" diameter round hand-stamped pendants we may have in stock.

 0.65" diameter pendants (subject to availability): 

  • BIG HUGS - 18" large ball chain
  • DARE TO DREAM - 18.75" medium ball chain
  • FULL TILT - 18.5" small ball chain
  • GET SHIT DONE - 20" small ball chain
  • INTO THE SURF - 18" small ball chain
  • IT IS WHAT IT IS - 16" large ball chain
  • LOVE WINS - 18.75" small ball chain
  • MAY YOU SHINE - 17.5" large ball chain
  • NOT MY FAULT - 18.5" small ball chain
  • SORRY MOM - 18.5" small ball chain
  • SORRY NOT SORRY - 17.25" large ball chain
  • SHUT THE FUCK UP - 19.25" small ball chain
  • WISER AND WILDER - 17.25" large ball chain
  • LOOK FOR THE GOOD - 17.5" small ball chain
  • THANK FULL - 20" small ball chain
  • CARE FULL - 19.75" small ball chain
  • GRIT AND GRACE - 18" large ball chain
  • OLDER AND BOLDER - 17.25" small ball chain              

Conspire2inspire creates inspirational jewelry to wear close to your heart. Pendants are anywhere from tiny to 1" in length or diameter and they are as real and individual as the people who wear them.

Collective Note: Fun to wear a few pendants on one chain or layer with other lengths.

Creator: conspire2inspire

Approximate Measurements: .65" pendant, chain lengths vary, see above list.

Shipping: Ships within North America, local delivery in the Lower Mainland (see shipping page for info), pick up in White Rock. **For East Van pick up, type 'East Van' in Order Notes, but choose Pick Up option at checkout. 

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