Shopping With Us

Q: Why should I shop online at Good Things Collective?

A: Besides all of the wants, needs, gifts and must-haves that you will LOVE? We’re a local, small business supporting local, small businesses, and we serve our creators and customers with care because we love bringing you together. All of our goods are made by BC artists, artisans, creators and designers and there’s never been a better time in history to shop local! We think you’ll love coming to our site to reconnect with the beauty that surrounds you, and to discover great ideas that will find their ways into your home and life. Oh, and if you’re from outside of BC, Welcome and Enjoy!

Q: Is EVERYTHING on your site really made in BC?

A: Though our creators can’t source every thread, drop, or piece of what they use to create their work from within our province, you’d be surprised how many materials we do find here at home, provided by small businesses, found or repurposed, and bountiful in nature around us. The inspiration, innovation, and happy work definitely live here!

Q: My handmade item isn’t the same as the one I saw on the site – what’s up?

A: Any item on our site that can be replicated many times over by its maker could be slightly different than the photo you see on the site, but we do mean slightly...and if the item you see on our site is a one-of-a-kind item, it should be exactly what you saw in the photo, just seen in the beautiful light of your own home!

Packaging - eco-friendly and footprint conscious - Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle & Rethink.

Q: How will my purchase be packaged?

A: We heart the planet and we heart our customers! Also, we’re not perfect and we’re learning. There are certain situations in which you may see a piece of soft or hard plastic in your packaging, but this will have been considered very carefully in the protection/packaging/shipping/order-combining equation. Also, we are able to provide White Rock paper bag pick-up if you happen to be local! We use the most eco-friendly, sustainable materials we can get. We strive every day to minimize our packaging; to Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle, Rethink.


Q: When will my order arrive? 

A: We ship out on Mondays & Thursdays. It takes 24-48 hours to process your order for shipping. Most customers in BC receive their order between 4-10 days after purchase, via Canada Post. You’ll receive an email when your order is ready to ship, and you can track it from there. Note: Pick-up in White Rock is possible for many orders and is absolutely free, no dollars, just a Covid-safe wave from afar...

Q: What if I order a Local Delivery Only item?

A: Even if only one purchase in your order is Local Deliver only, we’ll do our best to combine your order for one tidy drop-off and will communicate with you via text or email to arrange for the delivery. 

Q: Will I get 5 different packages if I order 5 items? I freaking hate that.

A: So do we! One reason we’ve sourced local goods and hold our creators’ inventory instead of having them ship directly to you is so we can combine your purchases into one package. There will be times you’ll need to receive more than one shipment for your big, giant order, but don’t worry, the elves will do their best to keep their footprints small.


Q: How do I return an item?

A: Many of our goods are Final Sale, like Apothecary items, earrings, food items, and sale items. If your item is returnable, you will have 14 days to arrange return for store credit. (Unfortunately, return shipping is not covered. However, you always have the option to drop off in White Rock if you would prefer that over incurring shipping costs!) If an item is defective, contact us right away by email or phone and let’s figure it out. 

Q: Why are so many items Final Sale?

A: We’re running a small business, and most of our creators are running very small businesses, so returns are tough to manage. Whether it’s a personal item, a perishable delivery-only item, a sale item, or something unique that might not be exactly duplicated, we try to provide as much info as possible in the item listing so you can be sure the product is right for you. We encourage you to email, call, or text with questions before you purchase and will do our best to answer quickly!

Q: What if I’m really drunk and I order a tiny horse and I don’t have any room for a horse in my apartment?

A: Hey, we actually know someone who did that and they even named it Lindsey before realizing it just wasn’t going to work - luckily, Lindsey hadn’t reached the border yet and was able to be taken back to the farm without too much hassle. Personally, we don’t think live horses should be a one-click purchase, but if you or some other person makes a really crazy midnight move on our site, please call or text immediately and hopefully the horse hasn’t already left the barn....heh heh.