About Us

Good Things are Made in BC! Good Things Collective is an e-store with a mission, and we daresay we’re a refreshing change from your corporate shopping experience. We’re bringing beautifully unique goods, made here in BC, to our broader online community. We serve both the customer who wants to support local small business, and the maker who wants to elevate their work in the company of other great artists, artisans, creators and designers by partnering with a company that takes care of all the admin, right through the box of treasures arriving at its new home and beyond. Some of our items are one-of-a-kind, so grab them while you can! Others are constantly replenished and will become favourite necessities. Everything we do is about connecting our customers with goods made with love, and minding our collective footprint while we do it. 

Please join our list in the footer of this page, and see what we have to offer for all of your senses. We don't email you more than about once a week, and then you'll know when we’re doing a Pop-Up or Market in your neighbourhood! 

QUESTIONS are welcome! Email us by clicking here or text us at 604-210-9960. We’ll be here making Good Things happen from Monday thru Saturday and on Sundays, we chill.

If you’d like to know more about the creators whose work you’re seeing here, scroll up and check out Good Things Are Happening. We’re incredibly proud of the people behind these treasures!