The Thing About These Blankets

The thing about these hand knit and crocheted blankets by Jeanné Fox Yarn Arts is that their one-of-a-kind colour patterns, weights and textures are lined with the most heavenly, cozy fleece. Your family will battle for these blankets year round.  Your body and heart will be cocooned as you read, rest, wake with your first cup of coffee, or snuggle with your last cup of tea. During the pandemic we've been calling them "work blankets", as we toil in our living room offices and keep our laps cozy during zoom meetings every day, battling each other for their comfort.

The other thing about these blankets is that they are healers. They're wearable art, made with love by the hands of someone who knows all about the time, grace and patient work that healing takes. Jeanné Fox Yarn Arts blankets have been gifted to or commissioned by people so they can be wrapped in love and celebration as they enter this world, or provide substantial support as they reckon with what this world has dealt them. Their maker has endured serious injury in her life and has found comfort on her own journey by working with beautiful, colourful materials to bring comfort to others. And so these blankets are made with love and really, really nice yarn and fleece. Decorated with a single button to remind you of it. Fill your home with this kind of art, the kind that becomes part of the family.