The Grillfather Has Arrived

The Grillfather!  This well-packed box has been created and curated just in time for Father's Day and BBQ season. It's a collection of lighthearted and delicious items and treats that will invite him to take it outside in the best way, and we'll literally tie it up with a bow. You can order with a few clicks and enjoy it together or send it across the country!

Father's Day is a wonderful celebration of dads, grandpas, in-laws, uncles, and beloved father figures. Sometimes it's hard to know how to thank them for what they do for their kids and partners. As these June days roll along, and we're finally (YAHOO) able to bring people into our yards and perhaps even homes, we've seen the neighbourhood father figures shucking off their jackets and sweaters and shining up the grill!  They are the inspiration for this great gift.

The unboxing will be fun - with a Grillfather apron, wooden spoon, Dad-themed beer stein, and artisanal salted caramel marshmallows with unscented soy candle for ambience and a little dessert roast. We'd like to introduce just a few (search The Grillfather for more!) of our artisans, and the products they're contributing to The Grillfather:


CHAR BLUE PREMIUM SPICE RUBS - This stuff is lit! This little company is the culmination of years of development by Vancouver Chef Jeffrey Young, Executive Chef at Furry Creek Golf & Country Club, and consultant to Vancouver area restaurants. Jeffrey's rubs are all natural, with no preservatives, and are made in small batches for maximum freshness and potency. We're thrilled to offer the Poultry and Beef rubs in our box, though we've heard they're pretty great on veggies, too...Char Blue is growing quickly as they've just been named Finalists at Made In Vancouver - a huge honor - Congratulations, Jeffrey and Monique!

BITTERSWEET KITCHEN - The women at Bittersweet Kitchen on Fraser St. provide many of our delicious, scratch made food products at Pop Ups and on our site. The Old-Fashioned Cocktail Kit is a favourite mason jar containing dried orange, dried cherries, organic cane sugar and cinnamon sticks. Just fill that with bourbon, whiskey OR chilled black tea and let it settle in the fridge for a day or so...pour over ice and you'll have 4 special bevvies at the ready!

SCRATCH FINE FOODS - You've seen this local company's kimchi, sauerkraut, mustard and other pickled products and sauces in stores and restaurants around Vancouver. Now you're about to meet Hot Sauce No. 1! This hot sauce just might be their best selling product, bringing the heat and having been aged in a whiskey barrel for extra flavor.  We love the fire!!

SHIPPING NEWS! The Grillfather is ready to ship anywhere in Canada - Order before June 13th and your gift will arrive before Father's Day! We will deliver locally Saturday June 19th in time for Father's Day! You can also pick up in White Rock OR at our POP UP SALE on Saturday June 19 on Fraser Street! Be sure to look at our cards andother locally made, fun items for Dad (coffee boxes, wooden bowties, device holders, mugs, cards, hammers, so many good things!). Email or text with questions, we're here to help. And a Happy, Happy Dad's Day to those who are lucky enough to have them nearby to celebrate!