The Simple Beauty of Linen

Earth Day got us thinking and reading, and there's really no debate: North Americans use way too many paper towels!! An AP article from 2019 notes that other parts of the world, wealthy and not, look to cloth while we use scads of disposable materials to wipe up a kitchen spill or dab at our mouths at dinner. A Canadian Press article from September 2020 stated that our country's paper towel makers were concerned about strain on supply as we stay home more and use them in record numbers. 

The need to reduce our footprints hasn't slowed just because our lives have. In fact, this has been and still is the moment to look at what we're using at home and how we can change course. We'd say "Enter the cloth napkin", except it's been here the whole time!

West Coast Handmade has certainly given us reason to change our ways. Their collection of covetable colours mix and match, and the 100% linen material is friendly to the hands and face as well as the planet.

Here's the great part: Cloth napkins can be not only durable and beautiful, but if they're not dirty, they can last another meal or two or three. Throw them in the wash! They don't all need to be the same colour, and they don't all need to be folded identically - we like to make amateur napkin origami to identify them. Browse our lovely collection and hop on the cloth wagon with West Coast Handmade!  Let's do this!

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