Meet Your Maker - Andrea Waines


Andrea Waines is a Vancouver area jewelry designer who creates "meaningful handstamped designs" and it couldn't be more true. We're honoured to carry her work and want you to get to know her, so grab a cup and let's do that!

We fell in love with Andrea's sterling silver necklaces and bracelets the moment we saw them. Meaningful? Yes, please, more of that. Covid has taught us that MEANING is the pursuit, the goal. And here it is, in beautifully crafted jewelry that we like to play with on our neck or wrist in a meditative way. Some of her delicate designs make us yearn for the ones we miss, like "Mama", "Mom Love" and "To The Moon and Back". Oh how we melted when we saw her Mama Bear and Mama Duck tag necklaces - Mother's Day, simply solved! Other pendants grabbed our hearts and hopes with words like "What If You Fly", "Stay in your Magic", "Be Stronger Than The Storm" and "Dare Greatly Girl". We think of grads, new careers and life changes. When we saw the words "Rise and Slay" in the middle of a pandemic, we knew we were (working from) home!  

Always fascinated/nosy when it comes to an artist's process, we interrupted Andrea's studio time with a few questions and here's what what we found out!

AJW: I’m for the most part a pretty positive person, and have always taken a good amount of inspiration from words and quotes. About 20 years ago, I was (almost) branching out on my own and was, as I say, “in between styles” and starting to feel the burnout of always having to create something new for every season based on trends. I was attending trade shows twice a year. In the process of seeking something more “solid” I happened to have some square wire, adorable tiny stamps and some time to play. It was on this day I stamped out my first “bar necklace” with the quote: LOVE ALL, TRUST A FEW. THIS ABOVE ALL, TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE. I showed my boyfriend (now husband and dad of our two amazing boys) and he said “these are kinda cool, they might sell.” From that moment onwards, words in silver pretty much was my thing.

 GTC: And people love them!!  What is the most challenging part of creating your pieces?

AJW: Aside from work/life balance, the most challenging part is keeping the line fresh and fun. I swear for every style I create, there are about 10 rejects in the background that go to the melting pot (I recycle all my scraps). My creative process generally goes as below (it’s truly exhausting). Of course, patience and a sense of humour is always good.

GTC: You live with your husband and two teenage boys. What's it been like doing this creative work  during a pandemic, working from home?

AJW: AirPods have saved me! With 2 teens doing school at home and Dj working remotely I don’t quite have my “zone out” time. My AirPods have been my sanity, along with long skis, walks and bike rides. Oh yes, and early morning starts (I’m the one up at 5am and working, it’s the best part of the day). Joking aside, for me the retail market started to sublimely turn before the lockdown and then the world shut down. I felt like I was starting over, but that was okay. What kept the rent paid was my relationships with some of my long time stores who focused on the positivity of my work. Grateful as always…

GTC: Thank you, Andrea! Keep On Creating!  We love your beautiful pieces and are so glad for our customers to get to know you. Everybody, please check out our beautiful necklaces and bracelets by Andrea Waines! Meaningful really is the word for these gifts...