Masks...a beautiful accessory
we may not let go of quite yet!

Days are getting warmer, and mask mandates have been lifted here in BC! It's with a big hallelujah, and a little sadness that we look to a future that may see our masks tucked away in the back corner of a dark drawer, just a souvenir of a very dark time in history.

The hallelujah? Well, that's probably pretty self-explanatory. The last two years has been hard on every one of us individually, and hard on us as a society. It's pretty welcome relief to feel like there's some sort of tunnel and light situation on the horizon.

The little twinge of sadness we feel considering tucking away those masks? be honest, they are an accessory that has provided some really Good Things along with all that heaviness in the world. 

First and foremost, most of us now probably have a drawer (or in our case, basket by the door) full of beautiful masks we've invested in over the past two years. And honestly, we've invested in them quite willingly - if we had to be masked to keep everybody as safe as possible, we were pretty committed to feeling as cute as possible while doing it, by choosing fabrics that felt good against our skin, and patterns we loved as one more way to express our personalities. 

In our house, we most definitely made the choice to spend some money on masks we really loved, because we had to spend a lot of time in those masks. No apologies, and no regrets.

Secondly, we're not afraid to admit that we got pretty used to those masks hiding all manner of things, making life actually a lot easier in some ways! Lipstick or gloss? Hard no. Forgot to brush your teeth before leaving the house? No one will smell you. Giant chin zit? Whoops, it's like it's invisible. Spinach in your teeth from that salad at lunch? Sorry, no idea!

As we take our masks off in more situations, we have to once again check our teeth in the mirror, show everyone our whole face and the health of our skin, and practice good oral hygiene. (OK, so some of those things we should have been doing all along, but it's been a weird two years, OK?)

Everyone will come to their own level of comfort with masking as time goes on, and viral levels fluctuate. Some may feel most comfortable continuing to mask up for any public setting. (And don't worry - we will continue to have your back with luxurious and beautiful masks to choose from!) Some may keep their mask collection in reserve for cold and flu season, or winter months and medical settings. (You too - we got you, boo.) Some folks may be happy to have their skin feel the sun once more, and choose to express their inner fabulousness with something other than creative mask prints! (That's OK, you do you!)

~ all masks by Satsuki Studio Vancouver

No matter which camp you fall into, we will continue to bring you a handful of fresh new masks every couple of months to keep your options open, and your choices gorgeous. 

And you still might see us in our gold print Nobu mask that, although we no longer have stock in store, we just can't quite give up out of our closet,'s gold, and sparkly, and luxe, and we just can't let go of that magic quite yet!