Lava Love

Mala beads are not just beautiful and varied in colour and texture. Made from rosewood, sandalwood, lava and semi-precious stones, mala beads have traditionally been used in long strands for prayer or meditation. Whether you wear our handmade mala bracelets with calming spiritual intention, or you just like the lovely look and feel of the beads on your wrist, they're a timeless accessory that will always have a place in your collection and they make a lovely gift, too.

We like to double or triple these stretchy bracelets up, drop some inspiring essential oils (and particularly find the citrus and vanilla, minty or warm spicy ones delicious) on our wrists while we're wearing them, roll the bracelets around, and enjoy the scent as it's diffused from the porous wood and lava beads. We swear we don't get obsessed and inhale the aroma on our wrists every five minutes. 

Our Good Things Collective Mala Bracelets will be part of our OIL LOVER'S Collection this coming Friday April 16th until Sunday April 18th! Please visit us to see them and many more beautiful essential oil friendly gifts and must-haves!