Hold My Oils

We at Good Things Collective love our essential oils! All the oils! We are Oil Ninjas. We go to them for hope and calming, for energy and inspiration. Now, what to hold these beauties in? When this question came up, Steve started creating beautiful oil storage, building wooden shelves and driftwood holders that give our potions a place in our homes and in the homes of all of our oil loving friends.


Now that we had that covered, we needed some great to-go options for when we're out and about. We were thrilled when WEST COAST HANDMADE sent us such pretty zipper pouches, lined with beautiful designer fabrics, in two different sizes. Then we pretty much lost it when we discovered these magnetic closure pouches that hold three roller bottles so that you can flip them open and don't even have to pull them out of their slots to use them! 

Our little company is driven to combine function with beauty, to bring to all of us locally made goods that are serving our lives in a handmade, lovingly crafted way.  Now, hold our oils, we got this!