Define Freedom

We dreamed of spring. This round of restrictions feels like bullshit. We're all tired of it, missing each other, wanting to bust out and travel to friends and family. We long to resume our traditions and adventures. We all want one thing we used to have a lot more of: Freedom.

One of the reasons we started this company was that we found ourselves stuck at home, shopping from home, wanting to support local, wanting hope and support for artists and artisans, while creating and crafting our heads off. This is why Good Things Collective exists.

Rethinking our homes, we got to the point (remember 2020, The Summer of Purging?) with this damned pandemic that we wanted to make the space we were to exist in 100% of the time not just bearable, but a sanctuary. It was our way of creating sanity. Everything meaningless left the building. But unique, handmade goods have an energy to them and creatives know how to wield that energy. So...

We want to give our community access to things that are special, useful, beautiful, created by a neighbour or local small business, things that you need, things that you love and want to welcome into the space and life that you're in now. We really believe in the talents we see around us in such abundance and we want you to meet them and their gifts. Maybe now is not the time to reno your whole house, but time for a helpful shelf or photo magnet that you're happy to see every morning. Maybe now is not the time to invite your friends inside for a party, but time to bring gorgeous linen napkins to the picnic you share with your closest. Maybe it's not time for a new pair of heels just yet, but for a mask made of four layers of soft cotton in a fine print that will make you feel joyful and...FREE. It's coming. And we're all so very ready.