Cozy Week is Just What We Need

If you've seen our social media, you know that it's time for COZY WEEK, starting
Monday, October 18th!  

What does the word cozy mean to you? To us, it's the perfect word for comfort, warmth, peace and moments with those we love by the fireplace, on the couch, around the teapot, in the bath, under the covers, and even out in the woods all bundled up just right. As soon as the days get shorter, we look for cheer, hot beverages and woolies. Are you with us??

There are 2 reasons we've decided to launch our first annual Cozy Week:

1. We want to share the upside of what could be considered a dreary turn of season. We have lots of cozy items for you and we are featuring different products every day of this week with SEVEN DAYS OF COZY DEALS!  Look for all kinds of treats and discounts. Our usually quiet email list will be buzzing daily with the latest 24 hour Cozy Deals. We won't give away our secrets here, but if you're on our email list (sign up at the bottom of our webpage!), you'll have each feature at your fingertips as they go live!

2.  We've heard a lot of news in the media, but more importantly from our advisors, that there WILL be supply chain disruptions and delays this holiday season. The word on the street is that we must all do this one thing: SHOP EARLY. So, our elves started getting ready for the holidays this summer and we are now hooked up with the option of FREE PICK-UP in both White Rock + East Vancouver on our site. For shipping, we use Canada Post with great results and have courier options and drop-off available to you as well.

Cozy week will bring you so many opportunities to knock gifts off that list. It will also bring you coziness for your own self in your own home. Keep an eye on your inbox, your FB and IG, and please join us in celebrating the loveliest parts of Fall/Winter....There ain't no storm we can't make it through together!